Effects of Nine Planets of Navagraha

Effects of Nine Planets of Navagraha

Navagraha” is a term used for nine planets in the universe in Hindu Astrology or Vedic system. These nine planets are placed in the twelves houses of Vedic Chart which is referred as “Horoscope”. These nine planets are responsible for all good and bad in the life of the individuals. These nine planets include seven visible planets whereas the two planets include the shadowy or dark planets – Rahu and Ketu.

In astrology, any good or bad in supposed to their owing to the position of these planets. These planets act as a relay stations for receiving and transmitting the stellar energies on the cosmic scale and create an impact on the life of the individual. Ideally, these nine planets have believed as deities, each of them having special power and traits which leads to the good and bad in a life.

According to the position of these planets in the universe at the time of the birth, the birth chart of the individual is crafted around which different events occur in the life of the individual. However, the events that occur not only relate to our present lives but also culminate the deeds of past life which leads to series of good and bad situations in life. If you are also undergoing some challenges in life, they are owing to navagraha problems. B K Jyotish Acharya is a astrology specialists and offer best suggestions and accurate solutions to customers perturbed by different problems in life.

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Effects of Nine Planets of Navagraha

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