Mangal Dosh Remedies

Mangal Dosh Remedies

At times there are some astrological imperfections in the horoscope of individuals. One such imperfection is Mangal dosh that can lead to multiple problems and nuances in the life of the individual. Also addressed as Bheemdosha, KujaDosha, this imperfection arises owing to the wrong position of planet Mars during the birth of the individual. It is believed that those people who have ill-treated their partners in previous lives suffer from this Dosha. Usually, a person who suffers from Mangaldosha is referred as “Mangalik”. One of the inherent characteristic of Mangalik person is being hot-tempered, aggressive and domineering in nature.

This mangaldoshais one of the significant parameters that is considered at the time of the marriage of the person. If the planet Mars is sitting in any of these houses- first, second, fourth, eighth, twelfth the impact of Mars remains. The effect of Mars is maximum in the seventh house and minimum in the second house.

This Mangal Dosha leads to several problems such as:

To mitigate the impact ofmangaldosha there are various mangaldosha remedies offered by BK Jyotish Acharya. Some of the solutions are KumbhVivah, reciting mantras, wearing gold ring with bright red coral, Navgrah mantras, reciting Hanuman Chalisa, fasting on Tuesdays, avoiding red colored clothes, donating sweets and red things on Tuesdays.

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Mangal Dosh Remedies

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